9 Reasons To Own A Floating Home
  1. You can't beat the summers in Newburyport
  2. It's a great investment (you can generate rental income!)
  3. Where else can you live on the water this affordably?
  4. It's time for you to enjoy all your hard work
  5. We make sure your Floating Home is ready when you want it
  6. Downsize to a Floating Home and enjoy a significant increase in quality of life with money left over
  7. A Floating Home is an easy to buy, simple to own second home
  8. Once we sell all of them, they will be gone
  9. This is the only community of it's kind in Massachusetts
Millionaires lifestyle on the water for less!

Just imagine driving up to your personal parking space on the Merrimack River in Newburyport, MA, immediately in front of your Coastal Floating Home. Then simply walking a few steps onto your new, completely furnished, vacation home, floating just a few feet above the water's surface. Within minutes you are enjoying all the amenities and comforts of your seasonal, land-based residence, but you are on the water and the river activities beckon. It is time to kick back and get away. The view from your sundeck stretches across the water for miles. The sun forms a great red ball off the stern porch and bathes you in a glow only available from Newburyport sunsets. Life is good! Coastal Floating Homes are available at affordable prices, coupled with reasonable long term dock rental packages. Yes, you can enjoy fun, hassle free, casual living on the water.

Welcome aboard you are home for the summer!

Your floating home-site includes 40' of shoreline for vehicle parking (2), your Coastal Floating Home. There is 448* sq ft of interior living area. And the Rear Deck provides another 112* sq ft of outside living space for your enjoyment. (*sizes and models vary)
Compare the square foot cost of a second home on the water versus a floating home for you on the Merrimack River.
- Recent sale on the Merrimack River $1,575,000/3,194 sq ft =$493 vs. your floating home $129,900/448 =289.95 sq ft.

  • No landscaping maintenance
  • No real estate taxes

Now compare the cost of a new 40 ft boat versus a floating home.
$500,000+ vs. $129,000
Zero costly engine repairs, marine technicians charge upward of $95 per hour, and zero fuel costs

Why settle for being near the water when you can bet on it? No more mowing grass, paying real estate taxes and loading up each time to trek to the marina. Or is it time to dispense with the maintenance and high fuel bills of that expensive, rapidly depreciating big boat? Purchase a high quality, value appreciating Coastal Floating Home. Fall asleep each night to the gentle motion of on-the-water living, knowing that you've made the right investment.

Just a short drive, or even a bike ride or healthy walk is downtown Newburyport. Enjoy dinner at The Black Cow, The Grog and stroll the shops along State Street and Market Square. Barely minutes away are the many attractions of downtown Newburyport and Plum Island.

What a great way to spend your summer!

Riverboats at Carr Island L.L.C is a revolutionary new concept in waterfront living. This "On the Water" community is located at Yankee Landing Marina on the banks of the Merrimack River in Newburyport, MA. Riverboats at Carr Island L.L.C is a revolutionary new concept in waterfront living. By combining a pre-constructed, self-contained home and a floating dock assembly we will put you not just near the water but right on the water.

More than just waterfront living, Newburyport River Boats L.L.C puts you on the water in style.

Newburyport River boats are an exciting opportunity to experience waterfront living, just minutes from downtown Newburyport and under hour from Boston, Ma. From the moment you arrive you will be transported by the beauty of the sea and glorious sunsets, and by the welcoming people of this wonderful community of floating homes.

Life isn't the same when you're surrounded by water. Remote from the mainstream, yet only minutes from the city, you are transported to an atmosphere all your own. The pace is slower and your troubles are left behind. Contact [email protected] for a tour of riverboat living in Newburyport, MA.
See what everyone is talking about.
Learn what HGTV has to say about this revolutionary concept in waterfront living.

Floating homes received national attention after being featured in the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle".

Carr Island Riverboats makes owning your floating home easy!

  • Financing with low interest rate and fixed terms available
  • Maintence free living
  • Dockage and storage
  • Kick back and relax your floating home is ready